LUBUS Highlights October 2023

This month, the team continued working on things they believed in and built a few side projects to fulfil our internal needs.


We announced project Tatva. It is a custom Web Components library that we are building with few commonly used elements. We polished and pushed one of the elements called ‘Ping’, which allows the addition of a pulse animation element in HTML content with a custom element tag.

Glimpse of the Ping element

We are working on a few more and look to make them public soon so stay tuned.

WordCamp Mumbai

A few of the folks from the team attended WordCamp Mumbai 2023 on 28th Oct. The team had a great time meeting fellow WordPressers sharing knowledge and brainstorming interesting ideas.

Team LUBUS at WordCamp Mumbai 2023

We have been embracing WordPress packages internally for building WordPress plugins and apps. Ajit shared his thoughts and spoke about it at WordCamp Mumbai 2023.

Ajit speaking at WordCamp Mumbai about embracing WordPress packages

Launching WPUI

We love working with WordPress packages to speed up creating plugins and app interfaces. This has been quite repetitive for us. This led to the creation of WPUI to help us with the same. WPUI is a design pattern library built upon WordPress components which gives you the building blocks you need to build your React-powered WordPress plugin or app. Spend less time on UI and more time building your idea.


Do share your thoughts with us, we’re all ears –

Smartwatch Manuals and How-To Videos for Titan & Fastrack

Our design team played a pivotal role in collaborating with Titan & Fastrack to create comprehensive smartwatch manuals and engaging how-to videos.

With meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of user-friendly design, we transformed complex technical information into clear, accessible guides. We crafted visually appealing layouts that simplified the user experience, ensuring that every feature and function of smartwatches was explained with clarity.

In parallel, our team produced engaging how-to videos that visually demonstrated each aspect of the smartwatch’s functionality, making it easy for users to get the most out of their devices.