Introducing WPUI, a design pattern library for building React-powered WordPress plugins or apps

As strong supporters of the WordPress Block Editor (aka Gutenberg), we have been early adopters and advocates of this technology. We have spoken about its potential and future at meetups and WordCamps, and have empowered our clients’ editorial experiences. We have also built plugins and extensions that embrace the Block Editor and have seen the huge potential it has as a product and the foundation it is laying down for the next generation of WordPress.

We have been following the development and keeping an eye on various packages that were extracted and built. From building and extending blocks, curating editor experience building plugins to standalone apps we have been exploring endless possibilities.

Our team is constantly building side projects for exploration, learning, or problem-solving. We embrace WordPress packages as much as possible to build things faster and with tried and tested tools. We work with several early-stage WordPress startups, plugins, and theme houses to explore them with our development capabilities.

To tackle this and help us speed up our work, we built WPUI, which is a design pattern library built upon WordPress components. This library gives you the building blocks you need to build your React-powered WordPress plugin or app. With WPUI, you can spend less time on UI and more time building.