LUBUS Highlights September 2023
lubus highlights september 2023

This month, we continued our love for working on side projects to learn and build. We made some progress on several internal projects and started some new ones. So here are some of the key highlights for the more are:

WordPress Playground Blueprint Builder

We continued our exploration further on WordPress playground after building chrome extension and playground generator UI we have been exploring blueprint API. Blueprint API allows more control over playground setup and tailoring it as needed. Blueprint is a JSON string with instructions on setting up WordPress. We have been exploring creating a UI builder to ease the process.

WordPress Playground Blueprint Builder

Builder, we will release soon and open-source.

Project Tatva

Project Tatva was announced.


We have been working on several client projects and building many solutions. Lately, we have been making lots of web components/custom HTML elements. Project Tatva will package them for easy use across different projects. More details and a sneak peek will be shared soon. We will release and open-source it stay tuned.

Internal Hackathon

We have a lot more interesting side projects lined up which we have been hacking on along with client projects. We have a few of them lined up to be released. Stay tuned to discover them soon. We have a couple of them built by our young code ninjas.

Embracing WordPress Packages

Lately, we have been exploring and embracing various WordPress packages. From building standalone React apps to plugin settings panels to custom WordPress apps. It’s now our preferred way of building things.

WordCamp Mumbai 2023

Local WordCamps are gearing up and so is the team. We are looking to attend as many local WordCamps as we can. WordCamp Mumbai is lined up for 28-29th Oct and we are looking forward to meeting WordPress enthusiasts.

Designing for Fastrack

And lastly, the team finished 2 smartwatch manuals. We were really short on time on these ones but somehow managed to pull.