Handy WordPress Plugins For Developers – Part 2
Handy WordPress Plugins

At LUBUS we have been fortunate enough to work on different kind of projects which has helped us learn & explore WordPress. We try our best to avoid using plugins for every other requirement which can be simply implemented with few lines of code, but there are scenarios when plugins come in handy. For us, these plugins are tools & utilities which help us perform tasks during development. These plugins have been helping us lot on our various projects. We are sharing them in series of articles cover 5 plugins in each post along with scenarios when we used them.



These plugins are to be used during development on your dev servers. Don’t keep them when you move to production.


Cleaning Database

With migrations come lots of orphan data which sits in the database and takes up space. WP-Optimize can help in cleaning the unwanted data. Also, handy to perform schedule database cleanup.

Working With Transients

Development involving 3rd party API involves working with external transient for caching and performance. Though it easy to delete them via a single line of code but Transients Manager plugin provides a UI to manage site’s transients. You can view, search, edit, and delete transients.

Cloning Post/Pages

When working on a project from scratch with no data it can be handy to create few of them with required content & clone it. Duplicate Post plugin let’s you do the same by easily creating the duplicate of post or page as a draft.

Cloning Menus

Started working on the new project need to work around several menus and don’t want to repeat or want to save a copy? It’s good idea to clone it Duplicate Menu plugin can help in cloning menu with one click.

Importing & Exporting Widgets

Want to migrate website content along with widgets? Widget Importer & Exporter is the perfect plugin to help you move widgets from website to other. Also handy for creating back-up of widgets.

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