Why Laravel
  • We often get queries from clients or fellow devs like why Laravel? What can you build with Laravel? Oh, but why don’t we use “CodeIgniter or CakePHP” for that or Why not .NET ?

The above could be because of 2 main reasons:
1. Half or no research about Laravel
2. A rigid thought process that is stuck with using same tried and tested technologies/frameworks & isn’t ready to adapt to the fast-paced growth of web technologies.

No worries if that’s the case with your IT advisor. We have got your back, read along & at the end, you will know the answer to ‘Why Laravel?’

All these starts with an idea, right? So you got an idea of a product but you don’t know the technical aspects and how will that come into real life. You consider an IT friend, advisor/consultant for that. He tells you 3 things:

1. We can use X technology to build this.
2. This Y MNC is using this X technology for all its high profile client projects.
3. Your Idea is the next big thing! (Yeah coz he needs the business).

But, wait a second. You don’t know how your product will shape up or pivot in the future. You don’t know how flexible it needs to be development wise coz you don’t know how your audience will adopt it, correct?

In such scenarios, the above 3 points can harm you financially or eat up valuable time. Let me tell you how!

The technology you opted for as advised by your consultant or your dear friend ‘google’ may not be flexible enough to make the changes you need according to time.
For eg: suppose you built Facebook, now one fine day you decide instead of just likes, you need 5 different human reactions (I hate Mark for that change btw!). Your developer may face technical challenges because of the limitations of that X technology indirectly challenging you financially.

This is where what you use makes difference. Laravel here can come in handy! Laravel is a PHP framework that is extremely flexible, backed by an active buzzing huge community & code standards appreciated and approved by the entire PHP community itself. To help you understand better here are the pros of Laravel:

  • Forwarding moving development!
    Yes, you heard it right Laravel moves fast break things and that’s actually good. It helps you in keeping up with things which are good.
  • Community
    It’s strong and helping which is growing day by day. You will find folks creating and sharing amazing things which can help you save hours.
  • Learning
    Though Laravel official documentation is good enough if you want to learn which is written with love & passion by the men Taylor. In fact, many of users first love the clean website & documentation then the relationship with Laravel begins.
  • Videos
    If you are visual learner then Laracast is something you will love & it’s by non-other then Jeffery if you don’t know him beware you might fall in love with his voice.
  • Ecosystem
    Taylor and community are putting in great effort to make Laravel development & experience wonderful by creating tools and services to make things fun & easy.
  • PHP
    As Laravel is PHP framework you get tall the perks and awesomeness of PHP and its community. We have many PHP-based packages which can be easily used.
  • Do I need a paid license to use it?
    No way duh! It’s opensource & free just like all the other great web technologies, just like PHP itself. That means not just the creator of Laravel but any PHP developer on the planet can contribute to the Laravel core and there are already hundreds of contributions being made daily. This decreases the weight on your pocket.
  • Why should you ask your developer to use Laravel?
    Did I tell you it’s so flexible, modular & full of features that entire social network can be built effectively which time & pocket-friendly!
    If you are a developer, there is everything in the Laravel ecosystem you need to learn, start, deploy & manage a Laravel project. Just go to Laravel’s official website and relax with the resources right in front of your eyes.

Still reading, ah! You need a proof & see yourself what the world has built with Laravel & why we are bragging about it to you so much.

From a Reddit alternative http://voten.co/ to an extensive scale of monitoring data tool like http://monitorhotels.com/, from a CMS like WordPress http://octobercms.com/ to the widely popular http://www.startups.co/ is built on Laravel.
Basically, you can build anything from a simple blog to an entire social network with Laravel. Laravel gives your developers entire flexibility to code & improve things however they wish with full control in their hands that brings financial peace to your mind & pocket 🙂

Before going here’s the stats why we say Laravel is the future of web development