Laravel Package To Get List Of Installed Packages And Dependencies
Laravel package to get list of installed packages and dependencies

Laravel Decomposer, a laravel package to get list of installed packages and dependencies in your Laravel app along with their version numbers in a neat simple way just by the hit of a single route.

You might be thinking the same can be achieved by typing a composer command, right? But here’s what you actually need to do to type that composer command:

  • Open terminal
  • Log into the server
  • Oops! forgot the server credentials?
  • Go back to Evernote & copy the credentials
  • Back to the terminal & complete logging in
  • Browse to the project directory
  • Type the long composer command
  • Made a typo? Correct & re-type again

And you just get a not so pleasant looking list in the terminal of just the installed packages. With Laravel Decomposer these cuts down to just a single step:

  • Go to your project route you configured & done!

You get a simple, neat, straight to the point list of all the installed packages as well as their dependencies too & with their version numbers as well 🙂

This package also aims to solve the following hassles during the development of a Laravel project & maintaining while its up & live in the production environment:

  • To see the list of all installed packages in the Laravel app directly from the browser
  • To have the log of each dependency of those packages
  • It can also help you in other ways like suppose you have a package installed that is using illuminate/support v5.1, and an another package using illuminate/support v5.3, so getting these facts quickly by just hitting to a route can make you aware of possible instability and you can report that to the respective package developer

This is the initial version which will be improved actively. You can have a look at the Roadmap. If you have any suggestions for code improvements, new features or enhancements, feel free to drop the suggestion or PR at our GitHub repo so you, we or any open source believer can start working on it or you can also reach out to our twitter @lubusIN anytime 🙂