Handy WordPress Plugins For Developers – Part 4
Handy WordPress Plugins

At LUBUS, we have been fortunate enough to work on different kind of projects which has helped us learn & explore WordPress. We try our best to avoid using plugins for every other requirement which can be simply implemented with few lines of code. But there are scenarios when plugins come in handy. For us, these plugins are tools & utilities which help us perform tasks during development. These plugins have been helping us on our various projects. We are sharing them in series of articles covering 5 plugins in each post along with scenarios when we used them.



These plugins are to be used during development on your dev servers. Don’t keep them when you move to production.



User Switching

Implementing something based on roles or capabilities involves testing it, different users testing them manually login & logout might not be the best idea. User Switching plugin helps in quickly switching between users and make the process pretty easy.

Bulk Delete

Want to clean content based on a certain condition in bulk. Bulk Delete lets you perform delete on various different condition. Check the plugin to explore various options.

Debug Bar

Want to debug various helpful information during development then Debug Bar is a must have. Handy during development to debug information like cache, queries, PHP error & warnings. Various other plugins available to extend its functionality further.

Query Monitor

Want to debug various wp queries, rest queries or AJAX call, Query Monitor can help you do that. Filtering queries by component or calling function makes it easy to see which plugins, themes, or functions are making the most (or the slowest) database queries.

Plugin Profiler

One of the best things about WordPress is extending it with help of plugins but too many plugins can lead to slow down of the website. The P3 plugin helps you profile and measure the impact of plugin on website

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