LUBUS Highlights March 2024

WordCamp Asia 2024

Wow, we had such an amazing time at WordCamp Asia 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan! Our team had a blast learning new things, meeting incredible people, and indulging in all the delicious local food. We came back feeling energized and excited to dive even deeper into the wonderful world of WordPress.

Laracon India 2024

As Laravel enthusiasts, we use Laravel to power most of our internal tools. We specialize in providing Laravel-based solutions for the business needs of startups and businesses. Laracon India was a great experience for us, with helpful talks, great speakers, and a friendly community. We are eager to become more involved in the Laravel community.

WPUI Boilerplate

We use WPUI extensively to design modern UI for our internal and client projects. However, the process of setting up the project can be repetitive. To simplify this, we have created a boilerplate for both the plugin and a standalone app. We’ve configured the boilerplate setup using wp-scripts and wp-components to kickstart the project quickly.


Recently we conducted an internal workshop on creating custom WP-CLI commands for team learning. For future reference and others, we have compiled it into blog posts. The goal is to have a crash course on WP-CLI command development. This will enable developers to learn and build custom WP-CLI commands as business needs.


Custom data in WordPress can be managed via Custom PostType and Meta. WordPress provides a fluent API to register them and ready-to-use admin UI and WP_Query to query the data via register_post_types. Developers can use this to power themes and plugins. Though this works well in most cases, but will fall short for complex data storage and query.

We have been following the BerlinDB since its inception and have been exploring it. Lately, we have started using it extensively in projects with complex data structures. BerlinDB is a collection of PHP classes and functions that aims to provide an ORM-like experience and interface to WordPress database tables.

WordPress Consulting

We have recently been providing consulting services to several businesses, both for their products and services. This has been a great learning experience for our team. It is surprising to see how much misinformation or lack of information there is about WordPress among service providers and businesses. It’s a pleasure for us to educate them and clarify their doubts and queries. We recently helped a few service agencies deliver scalable and high-performing websites that they thought were not possible with WordPress.

We have worked with a few WordPress product businesses and working with a few to help them build. We look forward to sharing our discovery and learnings.