LUBUS Highlights April 2024

Laravel x Pune Meetup

We love using Laravel and WordPress to create custom solutions for both our clients and ourselves. We believe in picking the right tools for the job, so we’ve been exploring different technologies, languages, and frameworks over the years. Recently, our team member Ajit shared some fascinating insights and real-life examples of how we’ve used Laravel and WordPress to build amazing things.

The session was recorded by Laravel Pune Community and available on Youtube.

WPUI Updates

WPUI has proven to be an incredibly helpful tool for our team, providing a great starting point for our various projects, including React-powered WordPress plugins and standalone apps. The initial release came with a set of layout patterns which allowed us to quickly assemble and build the admin screen. Over the past few months, we’ve been working on several projects and have found ourselves building specific patterns, which we plan to update and refresh.

However, we’ve also encountered a few challenges and issues while integrating the React-based UI into WordPress. To help others who may face similar challenges, we plan to document them in a series of blog posts and create video content to share our experiences and insights.


We noticed that BerlinDB is lacking documentation, so we decided to create a mini guide for ourselves as part of our team training. We’re planning to share our knowledge by publishing a tutorial on how to use BerlinDB in a blog post, and we’re excited about the opportunity to contribute to the project. The only issue is that the current version of BerlinDB requires a bit too much boilerplate code, but we’re working on finding a solution for that.


We had previously announced the launch of BlaBlaBlocks and Ajit had worked on several internal projects that we had teased on Twitter. However, the project was put on the back burner and its release was delayed. In the meantime, our team has been building things for our clients and experimenting with new ideas. We believe that all of this work holds value and will be useful to others. Therefore, we have decided to refocus our efforts, revisit the project, and prepare it for release. We also plan to open source our work. We have learned a lot from this experience and look forward to sharing our insights on our blog.


We rely on Laravel to create our internal tooling, which helps us with day-to-day operations. To quickly build admin panels for our needs, we have been using Laravel Nova. However, we have recently started to explore the filamentphp open-source package for rapid app development. We are considering migrating some of our internal tools to filament. Since filament is open-source, it gives us the opportunity to also open-source those tools.