Laravel Package For Instamojo – Laravel Mojo
laravel package for instamojo

Laravel package for Instamojo

Laravel Mojo, it provides an expressive, fluent interface to Instamojo’s online payments and refund services.

Github : Laravel Mojo

Why Instamojo?

  • Instamojo is the India’s emerging C2C payments & e-commerce platform that makes the whole process of online transactions a breeze both for the users and the developers.
  • Other than all their mojo, the support & response from the people, there are enough to make you take a ride!

Why Laravel Mojo?

  • Since we use Laravel so extensively and our love for Instamojo is well-known on our Twitter specially, we cannot afford not having the mojo in the Laravel world.
  • We started using the instamojo API’s and the continuous usage made us code some helpers for every use. So we later decided to put the stuff adding a bit mojo to it and release it so the Mojo could spread along with the Laravel magic.

Laravel Mojo handles almost all of the boilerplate payment code you are dreading writing and are unable to watch next episode of Narcos because of the same. In addition to the basic payments and refunds management, Mojo stores all the transactions & refunds details with him and gives them to you as you ask (no you don’t even need to shout Ok Google for that).