Wordpress Media Upload HTTP Error On Godaddy Shared Hosting

WordPress media uploads recently troubled us a lot as majority of our clients projects are powered by wordpress. We see to it that all the wordpress installs we manage are up to date. From past few days we faced issues with the wordpress websites hosted on godaddy servers. We were unable to upload images to media library and it would end with “HTTP Error”. We decided to get in touch with godaddy support and get some help. They tried their best to help us with the solution and said all things are good at the server end. We landed on one wordpress trace ticket where people have reported issues with media library. We tried the workaround suggested in that thread which is as follows to fix the issue :

By default wordpress uses “Imagick” for image manipulation switching that to GD helped us to fix the issues. Add the below code snippet to functions.php and it will set “GD” as default image manipulation library.

Hope this help someone and saves their time 🙂