Gymie, A Laravel Based Gym Management System Is Now Open Source
Gymie - Laravel Based Application

Today we are happy to open source Gymie, a Laravel based gym and club management system we built some time back. It has an interesting backstory to share how it came to life. We had never planned to actually build it, rather it started as a side project. We had an intern we had been mentoring and to help him understand and learn Laravel better we picked it as a real-life case study to work on. It was based on our experience with local gym management how they have been handling things.

With regular brainstorming session and development, it started taking shape and come to life. It was then put to use for one local gym and later expanded to several other gyms. Today it is used by many local gyms helping them handle their day to day management activities. In our recent brainstorming session, we thought why not open source? And here it is!

Currently, it’s nothing fancy or greatly coded but yes, pretty decent for basic stuff. Though it manages to handle following tasks:

  • Membership
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Enquiries
  • Followups
  • Staff logins
  • Flexible ACL
  • Plans
  • Services
  • SMS notifications

For more info, visit


Want to test drive the application:

password: password


Currently, the application is not highly flexible as it was tailored for local requirement. But we are in process to make it more generalized and configurable to adapt to different users need. On our list is to refactor & improve the code along with adding new features definitely. On our priority list we have:

  • Upgrading to latest version of Laravel
  • Upgrade dependencies to latest stable
  • Enable localization
  • Decouple features that need user customization
  • Refactor & code improvement
  • New UX/UI
  • Using vuejs for frontend

Want to check the progress or contribute to the development, we have issues & milestone created on Github.

You can pledge on patreon to support the development & maintenance of Gymie and other opensource stuff we are building.