LUBUS Highlights November 2023

Venturing Into Consulting

We have primarily focused on providing solutions to individuals and businesses by training our teams and building solutions for clients. However, we have recently had the opportunity to work with mid to enterprise-level clients, who have approached us for WordPress consulting services. We have onboarded a few clients to start this new offering and are finding it to be an interesting and valuable learning experience. We plan to share more insights on this soon.

Bulk Messaging Platform

Aside from working with WordPress, we also enjoy using Laravel, and we recently had the opportunity to help an SME business rebuild its bulk messaging SaaS platform. We are currently exploring and building a POC with Laravel Nova.

WPUI Plugin and App Base

Last month we released WPUI, which has been open-sourced. Our team is now working on releasing new patterns and improving existing design patterns based on our day-to-day needs. We are also building a base plugin and app boilerplate that we can use across projects, out of our own needs. We plan to open-source these tools soon.

How-To Videos & Smartwatch Manual for Titan & Fastrack

Our amazing design team worked with Titan & Fastrack to create user-friendly smartwatch manuals and easy-to-understand how-to videos. We took complex technical information and transformed it into easy-to-understand guides with visually appealing layouts to simplify the user experience. Our team also created engaging how-to videos that visually demonstrated every aspect of the smartwatch’s functionality to ensure that users get the most out of their devices.

We believe that different people have different needs, so we organized the information logically and made sure that the most important information was presented first. To make things even better, we used everyday language, avoiding acronyms, jargon, and legal terminology, and favoured the verb form of words for simplicity.