LUBUS Highlights Feb 2017

[well]Last month was all about open source & giving back to the community. Our young champ harish was on fire and still, sparkling stay tuned there is lot to come [/well]

Here’s a list of few things we have been doing recently that might be of your interest or help

  • Most of our work revolves around WordPress & Laravel, with every project we try to improve our workflow. We have been using Laravel extensively for our product development. Based on few cases we needed an easy way to gather installation requirement to speed up troubleshooting and bug fixing. Harish came up with the idea of creating Laravel package “Laravel Decomposer” so that it can be plugged into any app. It’s quite handy and helpful to us and we thought to share it with others for more info & installation check it on Github. If you have a feature request or PR we would love to have a look.
  • In case you missed it, in January we have released “Laravel Mojo” a Laravel package for InstaMojo which provides an expressive, fluent interface to Instamojo’s payment and refund. We have released v2.0 to support webhook & other improvements.
  • We are quite excited for upcoming “Laracon Online” happening on 8th march 2017. If your Laravel enthusiast, you might not like to miss it. Timing on the official website are listed for EST time zone, to make its easy for all user across global to quickly know the timing for various sessions our team mate & Laravel enthusiast Harish created this GitHub repo “Laracon Online-Schedule“. To know timings for your country simply visit the Github repo and click on your country name.
  • With every project, we learn & discover new things and to share them we don’t need the long writeups. Recently we have started two twitter handles “WordPress Shots” & “Laravel Shots” as a small alternative to the long blogs & tutorials to share the tips and tricks we discover on our WordPress & Laravel adventure. Quick and simple!.
  • Our WordPress development workflow includes many utility plugins which help a lot, to share the same we started blog series “Handy WordPress Plugins For Developers

Things dropping soon :-):

  • Some more WordPress plugins
  • Some more Laravel packages & apps
  • More & more open source contributions
  • And yeah the client projects are never ending hehe.

Do not worry we won’t ask you to subscribe to one more annoying newsletter & stuff to spam your inbox, to catch up with the updates for the above promises you can keep an eye on our  Twitter & Github, and if we are late to deliver the promises you can poke us anytime on  Facebook 🙂