Gymie maintenance Release v1.0.2 / v1.0.3

In 2018 we opensourced Gymie“, our small side project which started as small solution to the local gyms. This year we are focusing on our “Laravel” and “Gymie” offering.

We have received a positive response from people using the application. All the feedback and suggestions gives us better clarity about the roadmap.

Latest maintenance release(s) iron outs bugs and cleanup. Next, work is in progress for v1.1.2 to bring some enhancements, code refactoring & cleanup.

Personally, we are not happy with current implementation and we have started working on v2.0 release to make core app stable. Detailed scope and features will be shared soon.

If you want to help us build Gymie, it’s on GitHub

Want to support the development of Gymie, you can pledge on Patreon

Test drive gymie at –

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