Dummynator – Insert Blocks With Dummy Content To Gutenberg

Dummynator, a simple plugin that allows you to add paragraph & list block with random content to Gutenberg. Recently working with Gutenberg we had to add random content to few pages & our laziness lead us to this plugin.  It was the perfect opportunity for us to use the Gutenberg plugin & sidebar API.

Currently, the plugin provides few options & content type but yes we plan to add more options soon.

Checkout Dummynator in action below.

Dummynator in action

Want to play around with “Dummynator”, head over to our Gutenberg playground – https://gutenberg.lubus.in/

Dummynator is available for download on WordPress plugin repo – https://wordpress.org/plugins/dummynator

Want to dive into the code and explore how it works? The code is open source on GitHub – https://github.com/lubusIN/dummynator

Stay tuned for more Gutenberg goodies. We are working on another experimental plugin exploring extensibility API & goodness of Gutenberg. 🙂