LUBUS Highlights January 2024

WordPress Sessions in Bangalore

Ajit Bohra from the team visited Bangalore for a week to conduct several workshops and meet-ups organized by Team Codewalnut. As passionate Block Editor advocates, we always strive to educate people on how to leverage the WordPress Block Editor to its fullest potential. Ajit confidently shared his expertise on using Block Editor to write content, build pages, and even an entire website, while demonstrating how to set up global styles, and build template parts, templates, and patterns using Full Site Editing (FSE).

In the year 2024, there are still doubts and concerns about whether WordPress is suitable for enterprise-level projects. Codewalnut, a company that works with enterprises, has often rejected the use of WordPress as a content management system. However, Ajit has helped them understand how WordPress can be used for enterprise-level projects and how to implement it correctly.


We have been working with a few clients in a consulting capacity and assisting them in delivering products and services. Last month we worked on helping them on various fronts and had great experience assisting on the following:

  • Getting suitable WordPress website architecture that aligns with end client needs
  • Training teams on how to deliver quality code
  • Setting up best practices for managing source code and creating PR
  • Setting up CI/CD
  • Setting up a project-specific development environment
  • Setting up modern tooling and training teams for the same
  • Helping to get project documentation right
  • Conducting team grooming session
  • Training teams on conducting client call

Above are a few of the things we help our clients with and look forward to further helping them deliver products and services.


Our development team has undertaken a comprehensive exploration of Shopify’s capabilities with a view to gaining a deep understanding of its features and functionality. As part of this endeavor, we are building a clothing store on the Shopify platform, customizing the dawn theme, developing custom apps, and tailoring various aspects of the platform to meet our website’s specific needs. Our team has conducted a detailed comparison of Shopify with Woo, and we have identified many parallels between the two platforms, especially in terms of theme, blocks, Apps, Snippets, and other features. We are in the process of documenting our findings, which we plan to share publicly in the near future.