Laravel Packages To Use In Your App
laravel packages

composer require ‘awesome laravel packages’

Starting off with a new app and stuck on which laravel packages to select for basic boilerplate stuff? We have made a list of some of the best laravel packages available to solve the same dilemma.

The laravel packages listed below are used by our team on various client projects as well as our in-house products , so they are tried, tested and also trusted ūüôā

We select a package against its competitors mainly due to the same reasons that every other developer has, but still for more clarity they are as follows : Developers & contributors being active , maximum issues being considered , minimum dependencies and most easy to implement. Download count is not our focus.


FORMAT : Name – Description – Reason to use

  • Laracasts Flash –¬†Easy flash messages for your laravel app – Creator is Jeffrey Way so no second thought ūüôā
  • Entrust – Role based permissions – Easy to implement
  • Medialibrary –¬†Associate files with Eloquent models – Active developers and¬†easy to¬†use
  • PHP Vars To Js Transformer –¬†Transform PHP types to JavaScript in the most easy way – Again , Jeffrey Way
  • Intervention Image – An open source php image handling and manipulation¬†library – Great Documentation and active communtiy
  • Eloquence –¬†Extensions for the Eloquent ORM – Easy to implement and active developer
  • Laravel Debugbar – Best debug bar out there – Simple and readable UI
  • Log viewer – Your error logs at a single route – Neat UI
  • JWT Auth –¬†JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel & Lumen – Active communtiy
  • Forms & HTML (Lara Collective) – Removed from the core but still maintained by awesome people – Description says it all
  • Notification Channels – You think and its already in there –¬†Mohamed Said is the co-creator so no second thoughts here as well ūüôā

Since you read all of our suggestions till the end we appreciate it , so as a token of thanks one more suggestion of a chrome extension that makes writing acceptance testing for your laravel app more easy to write while using your app in the browser.

  • Laravel TestTools –¬†Chrome extension to generate Laravel integration tests while using your app


If there is some package that is equally awesome & useful (even if it is in its¬†initial version) and we missed it , do let us know in the comments below ūüôā