LUBUS Highlights February 2024

WordCamp Pune

We had a fantastic time participating in WordCamp Pune as sponsors, facilitators, and attendees. This year’s WordCamp Pune was different from the usual sessions, as it was a day full of practical, hands-on workshops for participants. Ajit enjoyed the workshop on WP-CLI, while Amit and Sagar learned a lot about accessibility.

A glimpse of the team at WordCamp Pune.

WP-CLI Workshops and Peer Learning

We believe in peer learning and conducting workshops to encourage our team to learn and grow together. Our team usually pairs up during coding challenges and hosts short workshops to facilitate learning. Recently, we have been working extensively on WP-CLI and building custom commands, particularly for our enterprise clients. We have created CLI-based solutions for clients to bulk process data and perform migrations that are specific to their business needs. As a result, we learned a lot about WP-CLI and have been developing internal learning resources for our team. We plan to share these resources with others who want to learn. Interestingly, we selected the WP-CLI workshop because WordCamp Pune was perfectly suited for it.

WPUI Boilerplates

A few months ago, we shared WPUI, a design pattern library built on WordPress components, which provides the building blocks you need to build your react-powered WordPress plugin or app. We’ve built several plugins and standalone apps using these components and found ourselves repeating the same process over and over again. We’ve extracted them as boilerplates, and they will be released next month, along with tutorials and guides on how to use them. So watch out!

Internal Hackathons

We’ve been working on a lot of exciting solutions and POC lately. We’ve been a little quiet about sharing them, but we’ll be back on it soon. We’ve been hacking around WordPress Blocks, WordPress tools, and plugins, WP-CLI custom commands, learning materials, and much more.