WordPress Plugin To Display Upcoming WordCamps On wp-admin Dashboard

It’s been quite few years for us designing & developing websites & apps powered by WordPress. Lately we have been planning to use our experience on various projects and share them in the form of useful plugins. wordpress.org repository already has many great plugins created by awesome developers around the world. So we were looking at building something which can add value and be useful both at the same time like everyone hopes for at the start. As these days we are looking forward to various WordCamps happening around, we try to keep our self updated. We saw this idea posted by Ratnesh Sonar on the forum regarding…

woocommerce paypal instamojo for dollar rupees

How To Sell WooCommerce Products With Two Different Prices

From the past couple of months we have been working on several e-Commerce projects and as we have been already using WordPress for websites & blogs, it was an obvious choice for us to go with something which was as simple & flexible as WordPress for building an online store too. Majority of our clients being from India came up to us asking for a solution to sell WooCommerce products in two separate prices Indian rupee & US dollar. The catch here is, it won’t be based on exchange rates rather store will have fixed separate price for both the…

photo express google wordpress plugin

WordPress Using Google Plus Photos In Your Post

Problem Recently we have build few wordpress website for photographers. Major part of such website is having various images/albums displayed in pages/post. WordPress natively provides with option to add images or create galleries in post/pages. But some photographers prefer to have lots of images 100-200 images per post related to the event. This drastically increases load time &  and also eats up server space. CDN might look good in such case but client didn’t wanted to go the CDN route. Solution We discovered that most of them already had all the photos uploaded & organized to their google plus account. So now it…

mPdf Php library to get your html/css exported to PDF with ease

mPDF PHP Library To Convert HTML/CSS To PDF

The Problem While working on several client & internal projects we often landed up in a scenario where we need to implement functionality to export HTML/CSS as PDF or send the PDF as an email exporting simple HTML table to complex layout like invoices & reports. So we needed something simple & flexible to fit in these types of generic requirements. The Challenge Data can be dynamic & would be generated at client end which left us with less control at the server end. So technically whatever HTML will be generated on client end needs to be sent to the server…

logStr not defined jquery sweetalert fix

Fix LogStr Not Defined ErrorIn jQuery SweetAlert

While working on a project we needed to output responses and using javascript alert was plain boring, We were looking for something which was small and simple to implement but yet flexible & beautiful. Our search ended with using “SweetAlert & Jquery”. While implementing we got stuck with following error : “logStr is not defined” Solution : Hope this helps some one facing similar issue as it took us few hours to identify and fix the same. If you need any further help on this topic, comment below and we are happy to help as quick as possible 🙂

WordPress yoast seo Hide settings on user profile page

WordPress Yoast SEO Hide Settings On User Profile Page

Task: Recently we had a client requirement where in we needed to hide the wordpress yoast seo setting on profile screen. If you would like to hide the worpdress yoast seo setting on user profile. This can be be done in 3 different ways either using inline style sheet, enqueuing custom css file for admin or using plugin. Adding custom css file would be best as it would help you keep everything organized & also let you add more in future. You can also go plugin route if your plugin junkie Approach 1: Adding inline stylesheet Add the below code to your…