EasyEngine - Easy Peasy VPS

EasyEngine – Easy Peasy VPS Setup

For most people hosting a website on shared servers/hosting is common, as its quick, easy & you have people over the call to support you with issues and queries. Its fair enough if you have basic website and application with decent traffic. But when it grows there is need to scale for better performance and uptime. Cloud hosting can help you spin your own flexible and affordable hosting. We currently use DigitalOcean for our hosting needs because its awesome. VPS / Cloud Hosting? Cloud hosting is a simple and affordable way to spin your own server. It’s flexible to customize and scale as per…

Handy WordPress Plugins

Handy WordPress Plugins For Developers – Part 4

At LUBUS, we have been fortunate enough to work on different kind of projects which has helped us learn & explore WordPress. We try our best to avoid using plugins for every other requirement which can be simply implemented with few lines of code. But there are scenarios when plugins come in handy. For us, these plugins are tools & utilities which help us perform tasks during development. These plugins have been helping us on our various projects. We are sharing them in series of articles covering 5 plugins in each post along with scenarios when we used them. [well] Note: These plugins are…