Ajit Bohra
logStr not defined jquery sweetalert fix

Fix LogStr Not Defined ErrorIn jQuery SweetAlert

While working on a project we needed to output responses and using javascript alert was plain boring, We were looking for something which was small and simple to implement but yet flexible & beautiful. Our search ended with using “SweetAlert & Jquery”. While implementing we got stuck with following error : “logStr is not defined” Solution : Hope this helps some one facing similar issue as it took us few hours to identify and fix the same. If you need any further help on this topic, comment below and we are happy to help as quick as possible 🙂

WordPress yoast seo Hide settings on user profile page

WordPress Yoast SEO Hide Settings On User Profile Page

Task: Recently we had a client requirement where in we needed to hide the wordpress yoast seo setting on profile screen. If you would like to hide the worpdress yoast seo setting on user profile. This can be be done in 3 different ways either using inline style sheet, enqueuing custom css file for admin or using plugin. Adding custom css file would be best as it would help you keep everything organized & also let you add more in future. You can also go plugin route if your plugin junkie Approach 1: Adding inline stylesheet Add the below code to your…